contentCrawler From DocsCorp Now Works with Dropbox

DocsCorp has extended the reach of its bulk document processing platform, contentCrawler, to Dropbox and Dropbox Business to ensure documents are 100% searchable in the cloud and on-premises. contentCrawler is powered by the ABBYY OCR engine.

DocsCorp estimates that up to 45% of documents in Dropbox are image and PDF files that cannot be searched. When important business information can’t be found, it undermines an organization’s productivity and regulatory compliance.

contentCrawler intelligently assesses documents in Dropbox for OCR processing to determine if a text layer needs to be added to an image document. Once the text layer is added, the entire contents of the document can be searched using the Dropbox search functionality. contentCrawler can also run in Compression mode to reduce file size and save on associated storage costs.

contentCrawler is available to all Dropbox account types and supports 180 languages including German, Portuguese, and Chinese.

“More than half of the Fortune 500 companies rely on Dropbox to collaborate on and manage key business intelligence,” said DocsCorp Co-Founder and President Dean Sappey. 

“It is incredibly important they have the information they need at their fingertips, not hidden in non-searchable files. Searching without limits will empower Dropbox users to make better-informed business decisions every day.”

Learn more about contentCrawler for Dropbox here.