So, you’ve just started your new job with (let’s say a medium to large organisation) and on the first-day induction you’re shown the company intranet.

The board of capture vendor Top Image Systems (TIS) is recommending a cash takeover offer from Kofax that will see shareholders receive a hefty premium over the content processing firm’s share price.

Robotic Processing Automation (RPA) is one of the latest emerging technologies in the Business Process Automation (BPA) landscape and currently has a lot of hype surrounding it. While some are heralding it as the future of BPA, out in the marketplace there is still a lot of uncertainty around what exactly it is. Businesses are unclear about how it could be used in their processes and about whether RPA is a useful solution or just another industry buzzword.

The Department of Finance has issued a two year, $1 million contract with the Australian National University (ANU) to refine and test a fundamental element of its Digital Records Transformation Initiative, the Australian Government Records Interoperability Framework (AGRIF).

The fax machine is a symbol of obsolete technology long superseded by computer networks – but faxing is actually growing in popularity.

In today’s world, enterprise organisations increasingly rely on digital automation to deliver the greatest level of efficiency and customer experience. A catalyst to an organisations digital transformation journey has been robotic process automation (RPA), creating a new class of digital workers that replace or augmented many office employee jobs increasing efficiency, scale, and speed at which work can be done.

Document management doesn’t have to feel like a slapdash, haphazard process. But often due to the sheer volume of work the average employee is tasked with, it’s easier to find a rhythm in the chaos vs. taking the time to step back and implement a better system. And that can certainly include the impulse to slap a pdf alongside every line item as a way to feel like you’re in control, covering all the bases in case of an internal audit or compliance check.

Demand for Risk and Compliance experts in Australia has risen sharply over the last twelve months, and will continue to increase in the year ahead, according to an industry study conducted by TAS, a solution provider for Australia’s financial services sector.

Artificial intelligence has been the domain of science fiction for decades — think HAL, the computer in “2001: A Space Odyssey” — but as many people know, it’s actually established well-developed and growing roots in modern-day life. Amazon’s Echo, Netflix’s recommendation engines, Facebook’s facial recognition technology, auto-braking on cars, it’s all based on the ability to analyze massive amounts of data in near real-time and being able to mimic human behavior based on the results.

Excitement about the potential for robotic process automation (RPA) to transform the workplace shows no signs of subsiding in 2019. What are the significant RPA trends and developments that can be expected this year? IDM asked Rob Mills, Vice President, Australia & New Zealand at Blue Prism for his perspective. Mills has a lengthy background in enterprise content, collaboration and information governance, and is looking forward to the arrival of true intelligent automation, what Blue Prism calls connected-RPA.