IRIS unveils new ID & document scanner

Canon subsidiary IRIS has launched a new document camera scanner and visualizer, the IRIScan Desk 5, a lightweight device suitable for use in a home or office setting, as well as being portable enough for travel.

IRIS notes that it is faster, more accurate, and easier to use than smartphones to digitalize, convert and edit documents, books and IDs to edible text. The device is Plug & Play and compatible with all operating systems.

The IRIScan Desk 5 is equipped with a self-time shooter that can be set at 3/5 or 7 seconds when scanning large volumes of files and documents, with smart book page turning detection to optimize operating time.

Scanned items can be saved as compressed PDFs, exported to Word or sent directly to an e-reader.  

Information from scanned documents and IDs can be extracted, sorted and saved into the format of choice (text, CVS, Microsoft Excel).

The real-time recording capability makes it easy to share or live-stream products or objects being presented with sound.

There are two models:

  • IRIScan Desk 5: Documents/books/video up to A4
  • IRIScan Desk 5 Pro: Documents/books/video/barcode reader/id passports scanning up to A3